7 Ways to Make Veggies Fun for Your Kids ...


If you’re a parent to a finicky child like mine, then like me, you probably spend half your day wondering about ways to make veggies fun for your kids. And considering children and veggies often go as well together as oil and water, this is no easy task! You could spend hours slaving over a hot stove, rustling up a yummy healthy meal, and your darling child will refuse to have one bite of it because he doesn’t want to eat any vegetables! So read on and know ways to make veggies fun for your kids and life happier for yourself!

1. Mix Veggies into the Food

One of the easiest ways to make veggies fun for your kids is to mix them right there into the food he or she likes. So if you know minced chicken cutlets are a favorite, mix in grated carrots and mashed peas right there with the chicken. Or you could chop up veggies really fine and put them in pasta sauce so that they aren’t obviously visible to your kid. If they can’t see the veggies, they can’t refuse to eat them right?

Bring Colorful Food to the Table
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