7 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Fun for Kids ...

There are a lot of ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for kids. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to do this. It just takes a little effort and creativity. Try these ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for kids and see how much they enjoy them.

1. Tell Them What It’s All about

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One of the ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for kids is to tell them what Valentine’s Day is all about. You know, a lot of times they don’t know and we don’t think about taking the time to tell them. We assume that they know. It doesn’t have to be a complex explanation. Tell them it is a day to tell others that you love them. They will understand that easily.

2. Do Heart Shaped Crafts

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There are so many fun heart shaped crafts that you can do. You can help them to make a homemade card for someone they love. You can help them learn to cut out paper hearts. Even coloring Valentine’s Day coloring sheets can be a fun things to do with them. If you need some inspiration, go to Google or Pinterest.

3. Watch a Valentine’s Day Cartoon or Movie

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Why not watch a Valentine’s Day cartoon or movie with them? If you have some trouble finding one, then just make a movie day out of other movies. Tell them it is because you love them and love being with them. It will delight their little hearts. Children love knowing that people want to be with them as much as adults do.

4. Let Them Wear Red and Pink

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Explain to them that red and pink are the colors used most often to represent Valentine’s Day. They will have fun choosing something to wear in those colors. If you want to make it even more fun, wear those colors too. It doesn’t take a lot to excite children. If you are excited, they are going to catch on.

5. Fill out Valentines

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Don’t we all have fond memories of filling out valentines as a child? I do. Let your children or the children you are acquainted with get in on the fun. Let them write out some Valentines to their little friends or family. If they aren’t big enough to write them out, you can help them or simply allow them to draw on them. Either way, they will be well received.

6. Let Them Get Someone a Gift

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It is always fun to shop with children. They tend to choose items that we would never choose. As long as it isn’t too off the wall, that is okay. It can be entertaining to the recipient. It may even be something they end up treasuring.

7. Get Them a Gift

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You know, I think Valentine’s Day is for couples but it can be for others as well. I have always got my children a small gift. Sometimes it was candy and a card, other times I may have chosen something like pajamas or a video game they wanted. It wasn’t really what I chose for them but the fact that they got to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too. It makes Valentine’s Day fun for them, too.

There are a lot of different ways you can make Valentine’s Day fun for kids. These are some ways that I have often used. How do you do this with the children in your life?

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