7 Ways to Help Your Little One Get Ready for the First Day of Preschool ...


The first day of preschool is a huge milestone for kids, so no matter how bittersweet the day is for you, it’s a good idea to get them ready beforehand. Many kids have trouble separating from parents or don’t want to leave home. Others might be excited until the big day arrives and then freak out. Get your little one ready for the first day of preschool and it’ll be smooth sailing for everyone.

1. Visit the Classroom

You know how nerve-wracking it can be to go to a new place, so it’s safe to assume your child feels the same way. Visit the classroom before the first day of preschool so your little one knows where he’ll hang his backpack, put his lunchbox and where to find toys and art supplies. Point out the bathrooms too. Many preschools host an open house for this purpose, but if yours doesn’t, call and arrange a visit for a week or two before school starts.

Meet the Teacher
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