7 Ways to Help Your Kids to Love Studying ...


When you help your kids to love studying now, you are helping them to have a lifetime of healthy discipline. Studying is more than just completing the tasks that the teacher requests. It is following through on what was began earlier in the school day. There are reasons why studying has been assigned, backed up by many years of research on how the brain takes and retains knowledge. If you help your kids to love studying now, as they get older, they may only grow to love expanding their minds and learning more every day!

1. Make It Fun!

How much do you love to do tasks that aren't fun? Yes, in small doses (think teeth brushing, dish washing, and bed-making) anything is possible. But, if you can take a task and turn it into something enjoyable, like when you help your kids to love studying, it turns into a positive experience for you both. This can be simple to do. Attitudes are contagious, so start the homework with a positive one. If you are having fun and it seems as if your child is teaching you, he will be more likely feel like he is a bigger part of the homework process. Also, there's no saying you are not allowed to be silly during homework time. Stay focused and stay silly!

Stay on Track
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