7 Ways to Avoid Spoiling Your Only Child ...


In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I am not yet a parent, but I am an only child and am thus familiar with many foolproof ways to avoid spoiling your only child. A lot of parents worry about spoiling their kids, but it's especially worrisome to parents of only children. It's easy to spoil us, after all, because we're the babies, the sole angels in the family, and we admittedly become very good at manipulating situations. Showering your child with love is one thing, but you do want to look into some ways to avoid spoiling your only child if you want to avoid a potentially sticky situation.

1. Set Limits and Boundaries

Setting limits is one of the best ways to avoid spoiling your only child โ€“ or any child, for that matter. Without boundaries, children don't know what is and isn't allowed. With an only child, it's even more important. Your only child may be used to getting what he or she wants at home, even within reason, but you have to teach the little button that the world won't always work that way. Behavioral boundaries are also important, because only children are well-known for temper tantrums for a reason.

Don't Permit Begging
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