7 Ways for Kids to Make Money when They're Bored ...


No parent wants to hear their children tell them they are bored, which is why it is always nice to be able to find ways for kids to make money when they can’t think of anything else to do. Having kids earn extra money this summer is a great way to keep them from getting antsy. Younger children don’t need to have big jobs, but a little job that helps them earn a little extra spending money will make them feel good. It will also help teach them responsibility and give them confidence. Next time your kids say they are bored, offer up some of these ways for kids to make money to give them something productive to do.

1. Yard Work

One of the ways for kids to make money is to do yard work. The great thing about yard work is kids of all ages can do it. Young children can water and deadhead flowers. Older children can prune bushes, weed, and even mow. Working in the yard is a wonderful way for kids to earn money because it gets them outside doing physical activity.

Wash Cars
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