7 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Girls ...

Are you looking for some unique stocking stuffer ideas for teenage girls? Then you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes it can be hard to find a Christmas gift that is both unique and practical. And when you’re shopping for a teenage girl, things can be even more difficult. After all, every girl is different. This list is comprised of items from Urban Outfitters that I think are unique, useful, and appropriate for the average teenage girl. So here are seven unique stocking stuffer ideas for teenage girls.

1. The Selfie

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The first item on this list of stocking stuffer ideas for teenage girls is The Selfie. Does the girl you’re shopping for seem permanently attached to her phone? Is she constantly updating her social media? Then this item would be a perfect gift for her stocking. The Selfie allows you to take self-portraits and shots with friends easily with a 4.5’ cable, similar to that of a professional photographer. You can go hashtag crazy with this device!

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