9 Topics to Discuss with Your Daughter ...


There's no denying that there are certain "talks" and topics to discuss with your daughter when you think she's read. I remember all the little chats my mom and I used to have, and I can say they paid off! So the question is, which topics should you discuss with her? You know, what should she be hearing firsthand from you, in the form that you want her to learn it and along with your expert advice? Well, a few things naturally jump to my mind of topics to discuss with her, and so I wanted to write an article on the subject. Here is my list of 9 topics to discuss with your daughter. And these topics are not limited to any specific age. It's according to your own discretion at what age is appropriate to introduce these topics!

1. Puberty

This is probably the most obvious topic that comes to mind when you think of heart-to-heart mother/daughter chats. Your daughter needs to know what's going on with her body, what to expect and how to cope with it, and she shouldn't be learning about it from Seventeen magazine or the girls in home room. Sit down and have a real chat with her. Don't feel embarrassed or awkward! It's YOUR daughter! My mom had this talk with me at the tender age of 9, and from that moment on I was so excited to finally "get" my period. Oh, what I wouldn't give to go back and enjoy those few years of freedom!

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