How to Help Children and Their Parents Cope with ADHD ...


Do you want to know how to help your child with their ADHD? As a parent, you not only need to know what you should do as a parent but how to help your child deal with this diagnosis as well. You are their best advocate and the best person to help your child with their ADHD. These are some ways you can do that.

1. Treat It like a Health Problem

The very first thing you can to help your child with their ADHD is treat it like the health problem it is. ADHD is not something they can help that they have. Being the parent of a child with ADHD, I have always explained that ADHD is like being an asthmatic or having an allergy. It is something they did not choose and cannot help. Your attitude will have a great impact on the attitude they have about it.

Make It an Open Subject
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