7 Tips on Raising Bilingual Children ...


I recently read a book by Naomi Steiner, MD that gave tips on raising bilingual children. Most of the steps she outlined in the book were helpful as my husband and I thrive in a multilingual household. We'd like our children to be fluent in the main languages that we speak as we want them to realize, later on, that learning each of their parent's language draws them closer to each of their parent's culture. Here are seven tips on raising bilingual children:

1. The OPOL Method

The One-Parent-One-Language (OPOL) Method is, for us, the most convenient among all tips on raising bilingual children. Why? Because it's simple: one parent speaks one language and communicates to the children using that language. In our case, it's English for Jeff and Cebuano (a language in the Philippines) for me. Don't worry, your children won't be confused. There may be a slight language delay because they are building two vocabulary banks, but it'll pay off in the long term.

Storytelling Helps
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