7 Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Swim ...


Teaching your child how to swim is never easy. Most parents give their child swimming lessons at a fairly young age, and it is usually a miracle if you get through the first one without pulling your hair out. Young children are known to be annoying, impatient, and absolute pains in the neck when it comes to learning anything complicated. Naturally all children vary, but if you are saddled with a temperamental toddler and you want to make sure they learn how to swim this summer, be sure to consider some of these helpful tips for teaching your child how to swim!

1. Patience is Key

There are tons of sayings these days that excuse parents for not showing patience with their child, like “only doctors have patience,” and “patience is a virtue.” And while some of the time these sayings are cute and witty, when it comes to teaching your child how to swim they need to be completely forgotten. The best way to teach your child anything new is to show as much patience as you possibly can, and do not overreact or get testy yourself when you child looks to you for help. Everyone has different learning styles, patterns and speeds, so stay patient when teaching your child how to swim. And don’t forget, having patience when it seems really hard is usually when it is most important.

Floaties Are Your Friends
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