5 Easy Potty Training Tricks Every Parent Needs ...

By Ayah

5 Easy  Potty Training  Tricks Every  Parent  Needs  ...

Are you looking for some tips for potty training? Potty training can be a fun but very difficult time for every parent. There are accidents to clean up, and plenty of pullups to go through. Not to mention rushing your child to the potty before they can go in their underwear, especially when you're out in public. Here are some tips for potty training to help make the process a little easier.

Table of contents:

  1. knowing when your child is ready
  2. using the weekend method
  3. sticker charts
  4. let them sleep with a diaper
  5. reading books

1 Knowing when Your Child is Ready

Every child is ready to begin potty training at different times of their lives. Some can start as early at one year old, others at the age of two, and some need a little more time, closer to three to four years of age. You know when your child is ready when they are aware of what is happening to their bodies. This can be as simple as a child letting you know when they have poop or when you see them go to a corner to do their business. This is a clear sign that your child is aware when they need to go and can, therefore, make it to the potty before they wet themselves.Watching for readiness is one of the best tips for potty training.

2 Using the Weekend Method

This method is especially ideal for parents who have two or more days off in a row. The trick is to stay home for those days and have your child sit on the potty every thirty minutes. By Monday, your child will be fully potty trained! This is the most effective method because it involves repetition, which is key in helping a child’s brain build connections and keep that information with them as they transition back to daycare or their normal routine.

3 Sticker Charts

Not every parent can afford to do the weekend method. With our busy schedules, it can be hard to take the time off to train your child to learn to use the potty. So instead, whenever you have the time, sit your child on the potty for about two minutes and see if they go. When they do, reward them with a sticker. Children love stickers, and by the end of the week, being able to see all the stickers they have collected really makes them want to get more.

4 Let Them Sleep with a Diaper

Potty training is a huge step in a child’s life. That means that they may not be able to fully understand the whole process so fast. So don’t expect them to master the technique fast, especially during the night. You can keep the diaper on when they nap or sleep. I promise you it will not reverse the cycle. However, the key to knowing when they are ready to sleep through the night without a diaper is when they wake up with a dry diaper. This shows that they can now control their bladder and are ready to wear the big kid undies! Make sure your child is using the potty before they sleep and immediately after they wake up to help them learn this method of control.

5 Reading Books

Children can learn a lot from reading books. Potty training books dedicated to children are a great read to help your child get a walkthrough method of the process. This is especially essential for children who are visual learners and need to see the process before they can do it themselves.

So remember that potty training may take time. Be patient with your little one. Use encouraging words and provide friendly reminders to take a break from playing and sit on the potty. Every child learns at their own pace and it’s up to us as parents to encourage and help them in any way they can. Good Luck!

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