9 Tips for Cloth Diapering Mamas to Remember ...


Here are a few tips for cloth diapering moms, whether you are new to the scene or you have been at it for years. Cloth diapering is a very frugal and green option so if you are caught between using disposables or cloth, do your research before making a decision! Below are my top tips for cloth diapering if you are about to get started!

1. Be Careful Where You Buy

One of my top tips for cloth diapering is to be extremely careful where you purchase your cloth diapers. Sites like eBay can be a bad choice since you may get stuck with cheaply made diapers that are leaky and non-absorbent. Choose name brands and only buy a few to start with when trying a new brand. That way you will know if the brand will work for you!

Use YouTube as a Resource
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