7 Things You Need to Know about Recovering from a C-section ...


Recovering from a C-section is something that you may not know much about. C-sections occur for different reasons. Sometimes a C-section is planned and sometimes it is the result of an emergency situation. I hope I can offer you some information on what to expect when you are recovering from a C-section.

1. Moving is Key

Moving when you are recovering from a C-section is going to be the last thing that you want to do however, it is one of the best things that you can do. You do generally need to be very still for a period of hours after a C-section. After that, your doctor and nurses will advise you on how much you should be moving. It is important to move as they instruct you to and gradually increase that amount as permitted. Not moving will result in increased pain and soreness.

Beware the Gas Pains
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