7 Things You Need to Know about Becoming a Stay at Home Mom ...


Becoming a stay at home mom has brought me many happy moments that I will treasure all of my life. But there are some things about being a stay at home mom that are surprising to a mom just making this shift in her life. I would always rather know what I am going into right up front so I hope to shed some light on things for you. Becoming a stay at home mom can be a wonderful thing but it is best to be prepared for surprising changes.

1. It Can Get a Little Lonely

One thing that surprised me about becoming a stay at home mom was that it can get a little lonely. You might not think that it would because after all, you are surrounded by little human beings every waking minute. But they may not be talking yet or even if they are, they may not offer you the kind of companionship that you need. To combat this, don’t stop getting together with your friends every now and then. If that isn’t possible, at least get out and mingle with adults from time to time.

Some People Judge You
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