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Now that the weather is getting warm, finding things to do with your kids in the spring will keep you all entertained and get you out of the house. Spring is one of my favorite times of year because the cold takes a vacation, the leaves come out and the air smells good. Kids love spring because they can put on a pair of shorts and play outside. Combine both loves and try out some of these things to do with your kids in the spring.

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Study Nature

I don’t mean making things all scientific, but one of the best things to do with your kids in the spring is to check out everything that’s happening outside. Walk the neighborhood and pick up flowers, rocks, sticks and other stuff you happen across. When you get home, examine it and talk about it. Your kids will be having fun and chances are they’ll learn something too. Just be sure your kids aren’t taking things from other people’s yards.


Hang out by the Water

It might not be warm enough to go swimming just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out by the lake or river and just enjoy that spring is in the air. Listen to the wind blow through the new leaves and the waves lap against the shore. Float boats, build sand castles and watch new wildlife before the weather gets so hot that your kids won’t want to go outside.


Have a Picnic

There’s no better time to have a picnic than in the spring. It’s not so hot that your sandwich will be floppy or your salad will be wilted, but it’s warm enough to enjoy a meal in the park without sweating or shivering. You can have your picnic virtually anywhere you want. The park, the lake, the zoo or even the backyard are great venues.


Bird Watch

When spring rolls around and all those baby birds start to hatch, you and your kids are in for some great viewing. Grab a pair of binoculars and head to the closest nature reserve. Take turns looking at the nests from a distance and see what you can see. Your little ones will love seeing those tiny beaks crying for mama and food. Talk about hours of entertainment.


Grow Something

Spring is the ideal time of year for planting many things, so take the opportunity to show your children how to grow something. The satisfaction will be phenomenal and you might even end up with someone who enjoys yard work. Try sunflowers or asparagus. Both can be started in small pots and moved outdoors when the weather really warms up. Check the zone for your area and then do a simple Internet search to find the best plants for your home and yard.


Have a Party

Anytime is a good time for a party, but something about spring screams festivities. Invite friends and family over for a backyard brunch that highlights all the in-season produce. Or have a kid's party with backyard games and treats your child helps you make. No matter what you decide, a fun event kicks off spring and gives you a taste of the fun-filled summer to come.


Take a Day off

Each year, my husband and I give our kids a ditch day from school. They get to go somewhere great with mom and dad and they get to have a break from school. Choose a spring activity and you’ll get to take advantage of something fun without having to battle the weekend crowds. And you’ll make some great memories at the same time.

What’s your favorite spring activity for the kids? Please share because I’m always looking for new and fun things to do with my family.

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