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When a parent retires, that gives them plenty of time to do the things they always wanted to, which is a great reason to find fun ways to spend time with your retired parent. Among the things that retired parents say they want to do is travel. Others wish to spend more time with their families. To accomplish these goals, let's learn some ways to spend time with your retired parent.

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Let's Cruise

Booking a cruise is one of the most fun ways to spend time with your retired parent. On a cruise, you'll visit several interesting destinations depending on the itinerary your select. Choose an area that your parent has always wanted to visit, and go!


Nature Trails

You could find several nature trails locally. Here in Alabama, there are a multitude of parks and recreational areas. My mom loves flowers, and natural trails offer the chance for us to enjoy nature and discover plants that she may want to include in her garden.



Planning a vacation with your retired parent can be fun. You can go for a weekend or a week to any destination you choose. Don't choose locations for seniors unless your parent makes such a suggestion. If yours is as spunky as mine, you may get put in check quickly. Retired parents want to have fun, too. After all, isn't that what the retirement years are for?



If you both love art, you could spend a day at a local museum or plan a short trip out of state. You should research your selections so you know which museums have pieces from your parent's preferred period in art history. This presents an enriching experience for you both. Plus, you can crack jokes about the really bad pieces and have a good laugh.



Although it's possible that your musical tastes may clash, it's still a great idea to take your parent to a concert. Outdoor venues are great during the summer months. It eliminates some of the noise, which could lead your parent into a fit about how loud it is. Buy them a concert shirt or some memorabilia as these are cherished moments.



Whether your parent loves dinner theater or Shakespeare, you can find some awesome productions locally. The Alabama Shakespeare Festival offers an impressive selection each season. I, personally, love the Octagon Room, in which the cast moves throughout the audience and places you up close and personal. It makes a good comedy all the more hilarious.


Boat Rides

Pontoon boats are a lot of fun. You can host a party or just spend a quiet day on the lake. Don't forget the sunscreen and the iced tea.



Never underestimate how much your parent loves going to the movies. If your parent is like mine, chances are that's how they spent their teen years. Make sure you get buttery popcorn and large sodas. Don't forget the candy!


Backyard Cookouts

Although they are not as glamorous as some events, a laid-back cookout allows you and your parent to spend time with everyone. You can grill some steaks, chicken, or whatever you prefer. The point is that it presents an environment that is fun and carefree.


Visiting the Aquarium

Are you both interested in marine life? There are aquariums located throughout the U.S. that feature everything from large bass to nurse sharks. You both can walk through the tunnels and see them up close and personal in perfect safety. Don't lean too far over the shark tank; it's more dangerous than you realize.


Flea Markets and Antique Shows

If your parent loves to find bargains and unique gift items, you should visit flea markets and antique shows. Mom and I love them. You can find antique furniture at great prices. You can also find craft ideas that you both can transform into something really awesome.

When your parent retires, you have a great opportunity to make invaluable memories. This could provide you with stories to tell your own grandchildren one day. What activities do you and your parents enjoy together?

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I couldn't agree more with the Danielle Steel books comment! I couldn't get through more than half of one of them!

for me after my grandparents retired just spending time talking about their lives meant something to me.

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