7 Summer Activities for Kids That Will Keep Boredom at Bay ...


Are you desperately searching for summer activities for kids to keep boredom at bay this summer? A summer with no plan to prevent boredom can quickly become a disaster. Something that my children and I do each year is make a list of things we want to try to do each summer. These are some summer activities for kids that always make the list.

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Water Works

Something that always tops the list of summer activities for kids is anything to do with water. Kids love water and it is a fabulous way to stay cool while keeping them entertained. Don’t despair if you don’t have a pool. There are lots of ways to enjoy water without one. You can visit a water park, let them have a water gun fight or even let them enjoy washing the car with mom with a few extra sprays sent their way.


Sleepovers near and Far

Summer is a perfect time for sleepovers. There are no set in stone bedtimes, homework routines or early mornings to contend with. Sleepovers also break up the monotony that summer can sometimes fall into. Allow your kids to have sleepovers whenever you can. You may find that you actually have more time to take care of things you need to do when your child is occupied.



A vacation in the summer is always at the top of our list. It does not have to be a fancy or expensive vacation. Just getting away from home for a few days or a weekend can revitalize you and your children. There are so many options to choose from. There is something to suit each family.


Visit the Library

Summer is a great time to make good use of your local library. If you have small children, they can enjoy the weekly story hour that most libraries have. For older children, it can serve two purposes. It keeps their reading skills sharp over the summer months when they aren’t in school and is something fun for them to do.


Beat the Heat with a Movie

When the temperatures heat up, there is no place like a cool movie theater to pass the day. Most children love a trip to the movies. Some towns even have a day a week when they offer free or very low cost movies. Check around and see if those options are available to you. Another option is to have a movie night at home.


Have Family Game Night

Family game night is something that very few people actually do anymore. There is so much pressing for our time and attention. The truth is that family game night is still as much fun as it ever was, and summer is the perfect time for it because you have all that extra time on your hands. Some of our family favorites include Candy Land, Hi Ho Cherry-O and Monopoly.


Visit Museums

Museums are a great way to spend the day with your children. This is another nice, cool way to beat the summer temperatures. Additionally, it is educational. All museums are great but it is going to be much more interesting to your child if you find one that is geared toward children. This is a great way for them to learn while having fun.

Summer days can be long when you are trying to entertain your children. What do you do to keep your kiddos occupied? What are their favorite things to do?

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Water parks, Sleepovers, Disney World, the Beach keeps the kids interacted for hours

Greate info!

camp outs! we love them!

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