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I am not a teacher by profession, but I have been working with kids since I was 11, making me the unofficial go-to person among my peers for some suggestions of fun activities to do with your kids on weekends. It’s not that hard, really. My principle has always been to get them moving and get them away from the computer or the iPad or just about anything that involves finger twiddling. Kids nowadays need to go out and do something "human." Here is my list of seven activities to do with your kids on weekends.

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Picnic at a Wildlife Park

Picnic at a Wildlife Park Others call this "visiting a zoo" and it's considered one of the top activities to do with your kids on weekends. Whatever you call this activity, the essential part is getting out of the house and meeting your fellow creatures from Kingdom Animalia. Your kids need to know what a real bird looks like, and not just Twitter’s ubiquitous bird. They need to know that the outdoor offers an array of colorful and beautiful beings that can be best experience if they go offline and see the world.


Visit a Library

Visit a Library I have learned that constant exposure makes one form a habit. This is true with libraries and books. Not so many kids take time to visit libraries nowadays. Reading is a skill that libraries promote. Being in a library will teach your children the importance of reading. They may not get it the first time, but take them there again and again. It will grow on them.


Go Swimming

Go Swimming It can be the beach or the pool or probably a makeshift pool in the front or back yard. Whatever you choose, make sure you are there to spend time with your children. It’s all about enjoying an activity together that makes it more enjoyable and fun. Kids are adventurous by nature and they would be in the lookout for the same trait in you. Just make sure that they don’t go too deep. Still have your spider sense on full alert.


Start a Home Project

Start a Home Project There are many activities you can do at home. Starting a home project, may it be a quilt for Grandma or baking a cake for Aunt Monie’s birthday, is a great way to spend weekends with your kids. When I was little, our home project was a vegetable garden. Each kid – there were four of us – owned a plot that we were expected to maintain until harvest time. Our produce of squash, beans and radish often ended up on our dining table and it was one of our biggest achievements as children. It was messy but our parents were there to help us out.


Volunteer for a Cause

Volunteer for a Cause You can be a volunteer storyteller in the library during Story Time or a volunteer babysitter. When you do this, take your kid with you. He/she will learn a lot about life lessons by your example.


Write a Letter to a Relative or Friend

Write a Letter to a Relative or Friend This will teach them not only about being thoughtful and sweet to loved ones, but will also teach them an important personal (and later, professional) skill – writing. I learned how to write when my Mom encourage me to write letters to my Dad who was then working as a seafarer abroad. That helped me in pursuing my dreams as a journalist.


People Watching in a Cafe or at the Park

People Watching in a Cafe or at the Park This may sound weird but this is an activity that my Father and I used to do together. We would sit anywhere and he would tell me to observe how that person acts or behaves. He encouraged me to make stories or tell stories so I could exercise the power of imagination. I didn’t know then why he made me do that. I still don’t know why but it helped me handle situations and relationships when I became an adult.

Don't these all sound like fun? What are some activities you do with your kids on weekends?

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my grandparents taught me to watch people. as a babysitter now for various families we go to lunch or dinner, the zoo, parks, walking, biking and to farms to see what all we can learn.

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