7 Steps to Teaching a Teenager to Drive ...


When I was learning to drive all those years ago, I had the best teacher ever, my father, and there are some essential steps to teaching a teenager to drive that he was definitely using. Learning to drive is exciting, scary and frustrating all in one. It can also be quite stressful for the teacher but these steps to teaching a teenager to drive should ensure that everyone involved is safe and happy on the open road. More importantly, these tips will make certain they can achieve their license by the end of it!

1. Rules of the Road

It's essential to go over the rules of the road before you start the ignition or let them behind the wheel of the car, so one of the first steps to teaching a teenager to drive is to go over the basics of driving. Discussing dangers such as drinking and driving, distractions in the car such as cell phones, loud music and hazardous driving conditions, is also important. Essentials such as having your license and insurance documents to hand are worth enforcing too.

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