8 Steps to Building a Bond with Step Children ...


It's not always easy to build a bond with your step children but it's not impossible. Thanks Chrissy for these tips and the heartfelt post!

First remember, they are not yours. Second, accept the reality that a bond may never take place. Finally, you could love them with all of your heart and soul, sacrifice daily, hourly, minute to minute for them โ€“ but at the end of every day and the beginning of the next, they already have two parents. You may be the step parent, but you can over time build upon your relationship(s) using these tips.

1. Let Go of the Guilt

The reality is that they are not your children and as such sometimes that ยซbondยป people speak of may simply not form. This does not mean you donโ€™t love them, or dont want to be there for them, or that they donโ€™t love you in return. Let go of the guilt and you may actually enjoy having that relationship vs. being caught up with your own emotions.

Focus on the Time You Have Together
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