7 Reasons to Stop Blaming Parents for a Child's Misbehavior ...


Whether you're a parent or not, I'm sure you've heard it said that a child's misbehavior is a result of bad parenting. While this may be true for some rare cases involving abuse or neglect, the majority of bad behavior seen in young children, all the way up through teens and beyond, is solely the choice of the child's. As a culture we need to stop blaming parents for the actions of their kids when they are simply doing their best at raising healthy children! As a parent of a toddler myself, and as some of you readers can relate to, it's hard to hear people falsely accuse you of bad parenting relating to a child's misbehavior. Keep reading for some amazing reasons why we need to stop blaming parents and instead shift our thinking!

1. Stop Blame Shifting

As mentioned in the introduction, needing to place blame is the most common reason why we as a culture accuse parents for a child's misbehavior. How often have you seen a child throw a tantrum in a grocery store or react badly in a restaurant with loud words, and refuse to listen to mom and dad? I can admit to being judgmental in those situations even though my own child has acted the very same way! Children are figuring things out in life and make mistakes just as adults do. They also don't have the same level of mental capabilities as adults and thus feel overly emotional at times when they don't get their way. There needs to be a level of sympathy for parents who are just trying to navigate their child's behavior with appropriate responses, especially in a public setting!

Focus on the Child's Behavior
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