7 Reasons for Perinatal Depression and What to do about It ...


There are several reasons for perinatal depression. The good news is there are also things that you can do to help yourself overcome it. There can be many different reasons for perinatal depression to begin and it really isn’t all that uncommon. It can help to know that other pregnant moms have been where you are.

1. Your Emotions Are All over Th Place

One of the reasons for perinatal depression is that your pregnancy hormones are sending your emotions on a roller coaster ride. You may notice yourself crying at commercials or feeling blue when you can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong. This can feel especially shocking to you if you were always pretty even-keeled. Generally, your emotions stop running so high as you settle into the second trimester of your pregnancy. Along with feeling better physically, you usually feel better emotionally.

Your Life is Changing
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