7 Practical Gifts for Twins on Their Birthday ...

Friends and family have been harassing me (too strong a word, but still) about the gifts for twins that they should be preparing for Nicholas and Antoinette’s first birthday next month. The fact that they are thinking about it is stressing me out. Many of them said that they just don’t know the appropriate gifts for twins, so they asked me what I prefer. Great! So I came up with this list of practical gifts for twins as they enter another learning and growing chapter of their lives. I hope they don’t find this too much!

1. A Truckload of Baby Wipes, Diapers and Diaper Rash Cream

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I am of the belief that a kid’s first birthday party is not for him/her; it’s actually for the parents. The kid – or in our case, the twins – is too young to enjoy the occasion. It will help the parents if you can assist them with the above mentioned essentials. They’re basic and practical and I swear every parent knows that these are perfect gifts for twins … and their parents.

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