7 Not to Be Ignored Reasons Your Kids Should Play Team Sports ...


My oldest son is old enough to play sports at school now, so I’ve spent this year getting well acquainted with the reasons your kids should play team sports. And there are many. Yes, rearranging the schedule to accommodate practices and games isn’t always easy, but it turns out that his time with his team is super beneficial in so many ways. So, if your kids are on the brink of coming of age for sports, check out these reasons your kids should play team sports and it’ll be a bit easier to make the effort.

1. It’s Fun

What could be more fun than spending afternoons and weekends playing sports with friends? My son loves the extra opportunity to be with his classmates and play a game without worry that recess will be over before the game is, and that’s one of the top reasons your kids should play team sports. Spending time with friends is great for a kid’s self-esteem and it helps them build long lasting relationships. So letting my son run cross country and play basketball have been great for forging new bonds with old friends.

It’s Good Exercise
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