7 Mistakes New Moms Make That You Can Easily Avoid ...


There are some mistakes new moms make a lot. Learning to be a new mom is a lot of trial and error and all moms have to go through it. It is just part of the journey into parenthood. If you can be aware that these are some mistakes new moms make then maybe it can help you or someone you know who is becoming a new mom.

1. Cutting Baby’s Nails While They Are Awake

This is a mistake I made when I had my first baby. I did not know that it would be so much easier to cut his nails while he was sleeping. I finally figured it out after trying to chase those tiny little waving hands around a few times. This is one of the common mistakes new moms make. It just takes a few tries before you figure out cutting their nails is a much easier task when they are sleeping.

Trying to Recover Too Quickly
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