7 Innovative Ways to Help Your Child like Bedtime ...


Some nights, it seems like finding the finite answer to pi would be easier than finding ways to help your child like bedtime. They can be the most congenial kiddos all day long, but when the bewitching hour hits, so does the stubborn streak. Following are some ways to help your child like bedtime that may give you both a more peaceful night.

1. Do the Countdown

One of the ways to help your child like bedtime is to make it a fun time. No child wants to be shocked into (gasp) bedtime. Soon enough in their life, they will excitedly do this countdown as adults, but for right now, they will fight it like they fight the toothbrush. An hour before bedtime, give them the sixty minute Whoopie (warning sounds too ominous). Then the 40 minute, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 3 minutes. It may seem like a large portion of the hour is spent calling this out to your child, and it is. Nothing wrong with some interactive parenting to get the little ones in their bed, giving you some time to yourself at the end of the evening as well. Make sure they get enough sleep in a night, as this will make for a happier morning too. Many pediatricians suggest 10-12 hours a night. You’ve seen the way they grow practically overnight! This takes a lot of energy!

Have Something to Look Forward to at Bedtime
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