7 Great Cartoons That Will Keep Your Children Amused for a While ...


7 Great Cartoons That Will Keep Your Children Amused for a While ...
7 Great Cartoons That Will Keep Your Children Amused for a While ...

Great cartoons are hard to find. Just enough Music, Learning, Interacting and of course Good Manners to keep you and your little one both happy. You’d think this would be in all Children’s Cartoons; not so much…so I have recently learnt. Finding great cartoons is like finding those Louboutin Pumps on sale when you have the cash burning a hole in your pocket… not very often. I surely can’t afford getting you all a nanny for an hour or two, so instead I will write you this post. Here are 7 Great Cartoons that keep my baby girl entertained for longer than 30 seconds:

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Handy Manny

Filled with catchy songs, interacting answers and Spanish words. Handy Manny will keep your children amused and learning the whole way through. My daughter gets mesmerized every time Manny and the tools sing and I know its only a matter of time that she begins to groove with them too. If my baby girls’ first word is Hola, we know who to thank.


Stella & Sam

Another great cartoon, Stella and Sam is one of our favorites. Based on a brother and his older sister who are inseparable; make believing all day long with their pets, a cat, Pattycake and dog, Fred. Their imaginations are larger than life and always using their manners, it a-okay in my mama books.


Special Agent OSO

A special agent teddy bear, Oso is always helping children perform a daily task they need with. However Oso always needs help himself, so get ready for lots of interaction from you little stinkers. Asking the audience for help constantly throughout the show this will no doubt keep your kids busy; but not quiet. Pick you battles…. so I’ve been told!


Imagination Movers

A children’s rock-band, need I say more? Get your dancing shoes ready because it doesn’t matter where you are in the house, you’ll be busting a move. These 4 guys hang out in a shop all day fixing things, teaching guests instruments and chasing a shop mouse. If your child likes music or dancing for that matter, they are going to adore this show.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Extreme amounts of child interaction, silly dancing and fun songs this is by far one of our favorites. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? Having to help solve problems throughout each episode, this will most certainly keep your kids giggling and amused. If anything, it will get them ready for their first trip to Walts magical land.


Jungle Junction

A fun show that has cross breed animals exploring an untouched, yet paved Jungle. Half Animal, half Vehicle you have a pig mixed with a scooter, named Zooter of course serving as a jungle messenger. Then there is a Elephant mixed with a Van, Ellyvan, who provides a delivery service. The silly characters will have your children giggling, the underlined messages of saving the environment will have your approval and their adventures will have them sticking around fully amused.


Toopy & Binoo

Toopy, an enthusiastic Rat, and Binoo a silent plush Cat, are constantly using their imaginations for adventures. Jumping into story books or his sock drawer to find Binoo’s missing sock. Toopy and Binoo is packed with fun music, loads of giggles, but not a whole lot of interaction with your children. A great cartoon if you child likes silly voices, wild imaginative worlds.

As their are so many great cartoons out there, I am sure you all have your own preferences for your children’s pleasure. As a new mama myself, I know in my heart it’s extremely important that they watch something as amusing as it is educational – if they are going to be in front of the television. What are some of your favorite Cartoons?

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My daughter loves Mickey Mouse! It's the only thing that keeps her from running around besides when she dances to the "Hot Dog" song!

My son loves all these shows! We saw Toopy and Binoo live and it was amazing! Doc Mcstuffins is a good show too helps with children who may have doctor worries.

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