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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re likely ready to celebrate with your kids. There are loads of fun ways to make the holiday memorable for your entire family and make it something your kids look back on fondly. Ignore all the hype about having to spend big dollars and instead create some traditions that are meaningful without costing a fortune. Check out these fun and affordable ways to show your kids you love them this year on Valentine’s Day.

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Make Valentine’s Day Card

There are probably a ton of people you can make Valentine’s Day cards for. Start by making them for each other. Use colored paper, markers, crayons and stickers to make them special. Then, create cards for grandmas and grandpas, teachers, friends and even shut ins or soldiers in your community. Other great craft items for your cards include glitter, sequins and felt.


Cook Something

Maybe it’s heart shaped pancakes or slices of toast with pink sugar on them. Whatever you create, your kids will love helping you create a love-themed snack or treat that you can share and enjoy together. Heart shaped brownies or cupcakes slathered in red frosting with white sprinkles are other fun ideas. Use your imagination and go wild in the kitchen.



Most kids love to create something together. Cut a bunch of hearts from colored paper and use them to create sweet animals. Draw hearts on paper with glue and sprinkle them with red and pink glitter. Use a heart stencil to make a painting on canvas or glue a bunch of red buttons onto canvas to create a heart you can hang on the wall.


Watch a Movie

If your kids are like mine, watching a movie is a reason to celebrate all on its own. On Valentine’s Day, snuggle together and watch a love flick geared for little ones. Try the Cat in the Hat Valentine’s Day, Madly Madagascar or Be My Valentine Charlie Brown. These themed movies aren’t too long so your kids won’t lose interest, but each feature favorite characters that will make them fun to watch again and again. Don’t forget your snacks!


Read Books

Even if you don’t have any Valentine’s themed books at your house, you can still read up a storm. Head to the local library and stock up. There are loads and loads of options that will be fun to read together as you celebrate Valentine’s Day. No matter which cartoon characters your child loves best, there is sure to be a book that stars him or her.


Have a Fancy Dinner

If you’re planning on a family Valentine’s Day meal this year, make it super special by creating a fancy meal. Choose a menu that everyone will be willing to eat, even if that’s chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. But serve it on fancy dishes (you can get indestructible melamine ones that look like fine china) with cloth napkins and lit candles. Your kids will get a kick out this and you’ll make your Valentine’s Day dinner something special that you’ll all remember forever.


Treasure Hunt

Kids love nothing more than getting little presents and treats. Indulge that love this Valentine’s Day by hosting a treasure hunt. Hide little things around the house, then give your kids clues to help them uncover them. They are going to love this and will probably ask to do it every year.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids? Please share all of your best ideas with us! Will you be doing one of these this year?

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