7 Exciting Toddler Milestones to Look Forward to ...


To a first-time mother like me, itโ€™s pure joy to witness my twin toddlers achieving different development milestones together and on their own. Every day I wake up excited about the โ€œnext little thingโ€ that the twins will do that will melt my heart and make me a proud, weepy Mama. Itโ€™s hard to be a mother with all the sacrifices we all take to raise children. But to see these exciting toddler milestones more than pay for all those sacrifices:

1. Talking/Babbling

It might sound like garbled words to you and me, but toddlers can perfectly understand each other and are just starting to cobble a few words together. You can even have conversations with them. It is very exciting. Our twins are already bilingual and they speak words in our two languages (English and Cebuano). Very exciting times!

Eating like Thereโ€™s No Tomorrow
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