7 Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Love Reading ...


At the heart of the big task to get your child to love reading is a big word called parenting. That’s what my professor said when I told him that the main reason I am taking up my master’s degree in Language and Literacy Education is because I want to help my children become voracious readers. He said that it’s all about being with them and showing them that we do what we want them to do. It makes sense. Children usually imitate/mimic what adults do. My twins are barely a year old but I am already coming up with ways on how to encourage them to read for pleasure. Here are seven ways to get your child to love reading:

1. Spend 10 Minutes with Them Reading a Storybook

I have been recording and timing myself lately when I tell stories to my children and the longest storytelling sessions we had was eight minutes and five seconds. Ten minutes may be too short a time, but it works wonders. If you do it every night/day, your kids will look forward to it. Do this to get your child to love reading. The only downside? You may run out of books... so keep building you stock.

Give Books as Presents
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