8 Best Gifts for New Moms ...

Finding the best gifts for new moms is surprisingly easy! Do you know someone who has recently become a new mom? Maybe you have recently become a new mom yourself, but have no idea what to request or register for at your shower? Well, this list of best gifts for new mothers is just for you! This list will give you the most-needed gadgets and trinkets that you should request for baby. And if you are headed to a welcome baby party and have never shopped for kids or are just dry on ideas, you will know exactly what to bring in that gift bag! Keep on reading my article for 8 best gifts for new moms!

1. Eddie Bauer Heritage Canvas Tote

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Price: $29.74 at target.com

This diaper bag is the ideal tote for either a boy or a girl! The colors are very versatile, and a young mother won't feel like she is toting a circus bag around with her! It even comes with a litte changing pad to lay baby on for diaper changes in a public area! Another upside to buying this bag is that it looks enough like a purse that mom can stash her wallet, keys, mints, lipstick and tampons inside and not have to carry two bags around!

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