9 Ways to Help Your Child Shine at School ...


You are the key to your child’s success at school, much more important than their teacher or tutor or anyone else… while that may sound daunting, it’s doesn’t have to be… it’s an amazing opportunity to make an incredible impact, and it’s not terribly difficult — you just need to invest your time, wisely. Here are 9 ways to help your child shine at school, and not one of them is difficult, even with “new math.”

1. Get the Scoop

There’s a reason most school children bring home an agenda every day — so that you, the parent, knows what’s going on at school. Which assignments are due, what they’re working on, what’s coming up… you’ll learn all of this if you ask your child open-ended questions, and if they’re not forthcoming, check the agenda! It’s tremendously important to do this every single day, not just when you think there’s a problem. If you show an interest no matter how busy you are, your child will get the message that his or her school work is that important to you.

Communicate with Their Teacher
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