7 Ways to Teach Kids Responsibility ...


Responsibility is not a genetic trait, it is a learned behavior. Learning to be responsible is about learning to be accountable for one’s actions. There are many in our society today that would argue that we have become a nation populated with irresponsible excuse-makers; anything and everything is to blame but them. Most parents want their kids to grow up and be dependable, responsible adults. Children learn by example so be certain that you, as a parent, behave in a responsible manner. Following are a few tips for teaching kids to be responsible.

1. Chores

Assign your kids age appropriate chores. Completing tasks such as picking up toys or carrying dirty dishes to the sink after meals are simple chores that even toddlers can do. Kids who are assigned chores learn that they can be helpful and that they too can contribute as a family member. Children take pride in their chore accomplishments and learn to accept responsibility for their assigned tasks.

Carry through
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