7 Ways to Occupy a Toddler for an Hour ...


It can be challenging to occupy a toddler’s interest and avoid tantrums for an extended period of time. Toddlers have a notoriously short attention span and it is often necessary to constantly introduce new experiences to keep them happy. This age group is full of energy and it can be hard work to keep up with them, much less stay ahead of them. Next time your little one starts getting bored, try out one of these 7 ways to occupy a toddler for an hour.

1. Visit a Play Group

Join a play group of toddlers the same age as your child. Most likely you are not the only toddler parent looking for ways to keep your toddler engaged and busy. Play groups are beneficial for toddlers; interacting with other children allows them to learn to play well with others and build social skills. If you can’t find a local group, start one!

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