10 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Recycling ...


If you are an avid recycler, undoubtedly you want your little ones to follow in your environmentally friendly footsteps and therefore will want to know ways to teach kids about recycling.

With so many environmental issues it is important that not only we, the current generation, do our bit to help save the planet, but the next one carries the flag too.

Every single person can make a difference and it is important to find ways to teach kids about recycling and here are some tips to help you on the way.

1. Exercise to Recycle

Exercise is good for kids and so is recycling;

so one of the beneficial ways to teach kids about recycling is to combine the two.

A lot of families live in neighborhoods where the nearest all purpose store is just a walk along the road.2

Instead of driving, get your child used to walking when you go shopping.

Not only will you buy less for easier carrying and save some money, but you will also save on all that waste packaging and car fumes going into the atmosphere.

2. Recycle for Reusing at Home

Kids are innovative and can make toys to amuse themselves from a lot of materials that get thrown away.

These include egg cartons, cans and jars that can be used for painting projects.2

Your scrap paper is useful for coloring and making all sorts of decorations and having fun is useful in helping kids learn about recycling.

3. Offer a Financial Incentive

Get your children involved in managing your recyclables by setting up a container in the garage for cans and jars that can earn them pocket money.

Make recycling part of their weekly chore duties as well.

A little incentive often goes a long way.2

4. Building a Compost Heap

You can also add to kids’ environmental education by telling them about waste materials and how they can be transformed into garden soil.

Making compost and seeing the results is another of the fun ways of teaching kids to recycle and bringing them in touch with nature.

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