9 Things to Remember if You're a First Time Mom ...


For a first time mom, things can be daunting, and overwhelming.

I remember facing these emotions, and so many more when I first had my baby!

I still consider myself a first time mom, and no matter how many children I have, I’ll never know it all!

But here are a few tips I’ve learned myself and gathered from talking to other moms along the way.

You can benefit from their advice, so please keep reading if you’re a first time mom!

1. Do What Works for You

Every first time mom will receive hundreds of words of advice, read several books telling her how and what she should do in every scenario, and stumble onto blogs proclaiming why this is better than that on the parenting scene.

Remember that you need to do what works for you!

When offered advice, just smile and remember that you don’t have to do what Aunt Sally does if it’s not what you want!

2. Take Help when It’s Offered

You don’t need to be supermom 2 weeks after giving birth!

Take help when it’s offered, and don’t be shy about asking if no one offers!

Your family and friends will most likely take any excuse to come see the new baby, even if the price means bringing you a casserole or folding your laundry while you take a nice shower.2

3. Motherly Instinct is Powerful

Doctors have their place and certainly know a lot.

But sometimes our motherly instinct kicks in, and mother always knows best.

Trust your instincts.

If something feels wrong, it probably is!2

Don’t allow doctors, well-meaning family members, or pushy friends to bully you into something you don’t want to do or talk you down from something you want to try.

Some of my biggest regrets lie in this area.

Remember That Every Day is New
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