5 Things Parents of Teens 👱‍♀️👱 Can Totally 💯 Relate to ✌️ ...


There are lots of things parents of teens can totally relate to. I don’t know if this is a shared sentiment among parents, but I have heard it more often than not. Teenagers SUCK!!! I have shared this feeling with my own teens on an almost daily basis and they tend to simply shrug it off and keep moving. It’s crazy. One day they are cute and sweet and all they want is to be where ever you are and then...out of the blue....they morph into – TEENAGERS! Blah!

I know I can’t possibly be in this boat alone, so here are 5 things parents of teens can totally relate to. And for my own crew, if you feel like I’m talking about you....I probably am. So there!

1. They Catch Something like the Flu Called....Laziness

When my children were younger they loved to help. My boys were always down to help fold clothes (to the best of their ability) and my daughter always wanted to help cook. They were eager beavers when it came to picking up their toys and putting things away. As long as I was there with them they were ready. Toys in the toy box, clothes in the hamper, dishes in the sink. Yes, it took some encouragement and sometimes I may have bribed them with popsicles, but not always. My daughter’s favorite thing was simply being able to say that she did something her brothers hadn’t, which was fine with me. A little healthy competition as far as I was concerned. Laziness is one of the things parents of teens can totally relate to.

Today, however, those sweet little darlings have decided that their favorite thing to say is “I’m about to...” I say, "why are your clothes thrown all over the den, pick them up." And my son replies, “Ok Ma, I’m about to pick it up right now.” Two hours later and all the clothes are still there. "Why does your room look like this?" Response? “I’m about to clean it.” I say, "take your clothes out for school tomorrow." “I’m about to.” I say, "it’s time to get up." “Ok, Ma, I’m about to get up now.”

I have gotten to the point that “I’m about to” pack up my stuff and just let them have the house.

Here’s a few ‘about tos for my kids:

I’m about to go crazy!

I’m about to start pulling my hair out.

I’m about to stop feeding y'all!

I’m about to go on a long vacation...I may or may not be back!

Solution: I have developed a method to get my teens to move and it’s called changing the Wifi password. Fastest I’ve ever seen them move to do chores!

Their Lives Are Soooooo Dramatic
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