8 Pregnancy Peer Pressures You Should Ignore ...


Everyone is aware that parenting is full of peer pressure and tough decisions, but did you know that there are pregnancy peer pressures, too!?

It seems that the celebrity world has gone baby-mad at the moment, with a whole variety of high-profile babies on the way (Kim-K and K-Mid, we are looking at you!).

Here are the pregnancy peer pressures you can safely ignore.

1. Remortgaging for a Transport System…

One from the very start of pregnancy peer pressures, this one is definitely getting a lot worse.

When I was born, everyone wanted a retro-style Silver Cross pram – but they cost a lot, and for most people, remained a dream.

These days, it’s not just a pram, it’s a complete transport system that’s fitted with amazing safety features, things that will help your baby sleep and probably IQ boosters…and the price is as big as you are imagining.

If you can afford it, and really want one, invest away.

But if you’d be just as happy with something cheaper, or if it will get you into debt, don’t bother.

It’s a lot of money on something that you won’t use for long!

2. Birthing Styles…

Anyone who has been to a prenatal class has been asked the question…what’s in your birth plan?

Ten years ago, C-sections were longed after, and a natural birth was seen as the lesser way to deliver your baby.

Now, women seem to compete to give birth in the most natural way, from refusing all gas and air to hypnobirthing and even orgasmic birthing.

Ignore all the chatter, and read up on the styles before choosing the best one for you.

Nobody will care how you delivered when your gorgeous baby is around, anyway…2

3. A Maternity Wardrobe…

It started with celebrities being splashed everywhere, in all stages of pregnancy, and people commenting on how they had a gorgeous glow, a lovely bump, and an amazing wardrobe.

Then the celebrities spoke, and said how easy pregnancy was, and how their relationship is better than ever.

Now we’ve got stores dedicated to making pregnant women look hot, beauty treatments that won’t affect baby and an expectation that every pregnant lady should be a yummy mummy right up to the birth.

It’s a whole load of extra pressure, so if you feel like spending the day in a t-shirt and trackies, going make-up less or taking it easy, feel free.

Don’t they know you are working hard growing a baby?!

Eating like a King…
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