7 Lessons to Teach Your Daughter about Childhood Friendships ...


There are so many important lessons to teach your daughter and some of the most important are about childhood friendships.2

Childhood friendships tend to be a bit more complicated between girls than between boys.

These are some lessons to teach your daughter about childhood friendships between girls.

1. Be a True Friend

One of the most important lessons to teach your daughter is how to be a true friend.

It is a good idea to keep a close eye on your daughter’s friendships, especially during the elementary school and middle school years.

These are the years your daughter is learning how to be a friend.

You want to be close by to teach her what true friends do and do not do.2

When she knows what a true friend is, it will hopefully raise her standards on what she expects out of a friend, too.

2. Skip out on Cliques

Cliques are an issue, especially when it comes to the middle school years.

It is wonderful if your daughter can get into a good group of friends.

However, when the behavior of the group becomes unkind or exclusive to others, she needs to know that’s not something to take part in.2

Teach her when it is time to opt out.

It could be that she will set the tone for the behavior of the entire group.

3. Popularity Comes to Those Who Are Likeable

You don't want to teach your children to set a goal of being popular.

You want more for them than such a superficial goal.

However, teaching them to be likeable will make them popular without that being something they work for.

Being likeable includes traits like being friendly, kind and confident in who they are.

These are traits you can also teach by modeling them yourself.

Choose Your Friends Carefully
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