7 Creative Educational Activities Your Kids Will Love ...


Kids often find most of the common educational activities boring or difficult - it’s no wonder they are having a hard time focusing while their parents and teachers try to educate them.

Creating the right mix between play, learning and creativity can go a long way.

So, here are 7 great educational activities that your kids will surely love.

1. Dancing Games

Combining dancing with some fun interactive play time can give rise to some truly exciting educational activities.

Turn up the music and encourage the kids to explore every type of movement they can think of, or use games like the shoebox game – in which every different shoe or sandal is assigned to a different dancing style.

Also, another great game is “human sculptures,” where you make a shape with your body and freeze into place – so the child can mimic the “sculpture” or guess it through arm and hand movements.

2. Bracelets from Straws

Crafting can be lots of fun, especially when starting it at a young age.2

You can teach your kids to cut up straws and other small objects to make simple, colorful bracelets and necklaces, or even throw in some string and colored cereal to add a bit more “flavor” to your new jewelry items.

This can be so much fun and will also help develop your kids' focus and attention to detail.

3. Learning through Word Games

Some of the most interesting, creative and educational activities you can encourage your kids to engage in, even without any toys, paint or crafting items, are word games.

Make up games for forming acronyms, starting sentences with the last word of a previous sentence, or forming long sentences with all words starting with the same letter to boost your kids’ speech and social skills.

4. Creative Sandboxes

Sandbox play is probably the most creative activity you can encourage your children to have fun with, regardless of age.2

Sandboxes don’t necessarily have to use sand.

You can help your kids spice up their games with strawberry scented rice, different types of colored sand, glitter or even Play-Doh to create an entire little world, city or landscape for endless hours of creative fun.

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