8 Horrifying Problems Faced by Children across the World ...


I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anybody that some children don’t live nice, happy comfortable lives and it’s a fact that always seem to tug at the heartstrings more than when we hear tales of adult suffering.

Here are 8 horrifying problems faced by children across the world.

1. Poverty

More than 30% of children in the developing world suffer from malnutrition and are underweight.

UNICEF states that over 25,000 children die on a daily basis due to poverty.

Most die from secondary diseases that are easily curable but their parents lack the resources to help them.

(I’m sorry but I really have to ask – a parent’s ultimate responsibility is to provide care and support to their children so why do they continue to give birth when they don’t even have enough to feed themselves adequately?)

2. Prostitution

This is one sure way to rob someone of their childhood and what future do they have?

UNICEF believes there are over 50,000 child prostitutes in the Philippines and over 200,000 in India where it is controlled in areas by serious businessmen.

3. Illiteracy

The inability to read or write is a self-perpetuating problem.

People can’t get a decent job and when they have children of their own they don’t have funds to educate them and the next generation of illiterates is born.

Illiteracy is a significant problem all over the world and is widespread in India, Nepal and maybe, surprisingly, Turkey.

4. Indoctrination

Many children are forced into martyrdom by being brought up in an atmosphere of hate where other religions than their own are vilified, that holy war is glorious and that violence is normal.

Normal education and learning about the wonders of the everyday normal world around them and being able to bask in the joys of childhood are way down the list of priorities.

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