7 Ways to Organize Your Child's Toys ...


Chaos is the lack of organization, and chaos can occur in any child’s play space when their toys are not organized.

It is common for kids to have more toys than they can possibly play with in their toy stash.

It is also common to find toys in the stash that they have outgrown and no longer play with.

There comes a time when it is necessary to organize and de-clutter your kids play space.

There are a few ways to make this task easier and we have included them below.2

Here are 7 ways to organize your child's toys...

1. Inventory

Take a close look at what toys your kids have;

this is the first step in organizing their play space.

Weeding out broken toys, duplicates and rarely played with toys is a good way to start;2

the fewer toys you have to cope with the easier it is to organize.

Knowing the toy inventory makes all other organizational steps easy.

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