7 Tips for Raising an Amazing Child ...


Although the largest responsibility Iโ€™ve had thus far in my life is a chia pet, I know I can use some great tips for raising an amazing child. After watching my stepbrother and his family emulate the Brady Bunch over the last decade, I decided to ask them how they do it. I consulted my stepsister-in-law Rachel and after having three children, she had a few tips worth sharing. Here are seven tips for raising an amazing child.

1. Make the Finish Line Your Starting Point

The first piece of advice Rachel offered was start out where you want to end up. Naturally, I was confused, but it makes sense if you think about it. โ€œIf you want your kids to eat vegetables, then feed them vegetables. If you want them to sleep in their own bed and not between you and your husband, then make them sleep in their own bed,โ€ she said. Things tend to get out of hand when life speeds up; before you know it youโ€™re meeting your child halfway to avoid conflict. Rachel encourages parents to see the big picture and set patterns early on. You wonโ€™t face as much strain as you would if you try to change your tune halfway through. Decide how you want your family to function and start off on that note. Knowing what you want from the get-go is one of the most effective tips for raising an amazing child.

Make "No" Your Friend
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