7 Ways to Get Children Interested in Science ...


I think it’s sad that kids lack the curiosity or motivation to get involved in certain subjects – maths and science particularly – and whatever is happening at school, there are some ways to get children interested in science. It seems to be a common issue between the US and the UK that not enough girls are pursuing higher qualifications in science and math. The governments (and celebrities such as Will.i.am) are trying to do something about it, but if you appreciate we live in a scientific world, there are ways to get children interested in science you might want to pursue for your own family.

1. Pull Science Back to Basic Principles

This is one of the fundamental ways to get children interested in science. You pull it right back to basics, and the basics of every science is to come up with a theory and then test that theory fairly and correctly until you are sure of the results. You should then be able to recreate the conditions of the test and predict the results as a consequence. This may seem a little heavy for a child, but this simple premise works for every type of science, from creating a mini-volcano, to the incidence of garden weeds.

Show Children How Different Sciences Apply to Real Life
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