7 Ways to Deal with the Pain of a Miscarriage ...


More women than you may realize have had to deal with miscarriage at least once in their life. Fact is, as many as 75% of all conceptions do end in miscarriage. However, regardless of how many other women have experienced the loss of baby, or how high statistics really are against us, it still hurts badly when we miscarry. Having walked this lonely road recently, I'd like to share with you some ways to deal with miscarriage and the pain involved.

1. Take Time

Miscarriage isn't something that you can get over in one night, so know that dealing with miscarriage may take some time. Some need to grieve for months before being able to move on. It is okay to take you time in the grieving process. Just because you never laid eyes on your baby, or never held your baby in your arms doesn't make you any less entitled to the grieving process. Take your time and let yourself cry for that precious baby you lost.

Set up a Special Place
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