7 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Conceiving Naturally ...


If your partner and you have been trying to conceive a baby without much luck, here are some tips by guest contributor Ethan Lynette that are worth trying.

We’re always taught that getting pregnant is easy. I mean, if millions of couples can conceive by accident, how difficult can it be? Yet many couples are often surprised to learn that actually getting a plus sign on a pregnancy test isn’t as straightforward as they thought.

Determining when you’re ovulating and timing intercourse during your «fertile window» — the limited number of days when having sex can actually result in pregnancy — is incredibly important for conceiving. In fact, the chance of you becoming pregnant if you don’t have sex during your fertile window is zero percent. Needless to say, reading and understanding your body is critical when trying to make a baby. Here are seven tips to help boost your chances of conceiving naturally.

1. Chart Your Cycles

The first step to accurately predicting ovulation is determining the length of your menstrual cycles. Your menstrual cycle is the total number of days from the start of one period to the start of the next period.

For most women, this is approximately 28 days, though cycles can be longer or shorter. Record your cycles each month, marking the first day of your period as «Cycle Day 1» and counting until the next period begins. You can use a calendar, a mobile app, or a fertility charting website. Once you have an understanding of the length of your cycle, you can more accurately predict when you will ovulate.

Watch for Signs and Symptoms of Ovulation
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