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Keeping dad involved in your pregnancy is an important part of pre-natal bonding! Some men truly love to be included in the whole process, but aren’t sure how. Others may prefer just to be there after the baby is born. If your man doesn’t wish to be involved in the pregnancy part, that’s his decision, but maybe this article can help persuade him as to why keeping dad involved in your pregnancy is such a wonderful and intensely emotional experience!

1. Talk to Baby

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Talking to his unborn child is a great way for keeping dad involved in your pregnancy. At first, it may be a little strange or awkward, but as your belly begins to grow and baby develops, you will soon be able to realize how baby responds when he hears the voices of those most involved in your pregnancy. Encourage dad to talk to baby early on in the pregnancy for amazing pre-natal bonding!

2. Touch Baby

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Something that I have noticed in my own pregnancy is that baby can recognize when someone familiar is touching him or her! It is so wonderful to be able to stimulate or relax baby via touch, and this is one thing that dads can do to be involved in pregnancy. When baby is kicking or moving around in there, place dad’s hands on your tummy to allow him to feel it. He and baby will both love the interaction!

3. Take Child Preparation Classes Together

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If your doctor’s office, local parent support center, or some other organization in your area offers child preparation classes, encourage your spouse to attend them with you! These classes will be beneficial for both of you, and especially classes that prepare you for childbirth or soothing and caring for baby after birth. Dad will love feeling like he is involved, and it will really benefit you, the mother, that he has the same information you do when it comes time to put the tips you have learned to good use!

4. Have a Couples Shower

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Some people are a bit uncomfortable with this idea, but couples showers are steadily becoming the big thing. Make it a party, where couples are all invited to attend. You can serve finger foods that appeal to both guys and girls, and look for games that involve both partners. The gift opening won’t take as long with the two of you there, and ditto for writing thank you notes! Of course, some women don’t host their own showers, so this is info you may want to pass along if you know someone is planning to throw you a shower!

5. Help Pick out Baby’s Name

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Here is one aspect where dad can really be involved in your pregnancy. Picking out a child’s name is an important job, and so do encourage your partner to put his thoughts out there. Some parents disagree on names, so try and take each other’s feelings into consideration before making a firm decision.

6. Go to Doctor’s Appointments

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Due to work schedules or other pressing matters, it may not be possible for dad to attend every single doctor's appointment, but if he is able, your spouse may enjoy going with you! There are some times he definitely won’t want to miss, such as your first time hearing the baby’s heartbeat, or your ultrasound appointments. If he is able to attend all your appointments, he will take away from it peace of mind that you and baby are both healthy and growing, and he will be there for moral support as well as his own benefit to get the opportunity to voice any questions or concerns he may have to the doctor.

7. Shop for Baby Things Together

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As most women know, many men don’t enjoy shopping and would rather not be involved. That’s okay, but baby shopping can be different! My suggestion is to leave the things like nursery décor and baby clothes for a time when you are shopping alone or with friends, and take the times that dad goes with you to pick out items such as baby furniture, baby equipment, and maybe paint for the nursery walls. Guys do like to be involved in this part, but there’s only so much they have an interest in!

8. Do Something for Baby’s Future

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One of the biggest ways dad can be involved in pregnancy is by doing something for baby’s future. This can be entirely up to him, but here are a few ideas. Start a savings account for baby, with money for college, a car, or just spending money. Write a journal to baby with thoughts and wishes for his future life, and memories gone by. Preserve an heirloom passed down from generations for baby to have once he or she is older. Secure a life insurance policy in case anything should happen to dad so that baby is well cared for.

9. Be There for Mom

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Perhaps one of the sweetest things a man can do during pregnancy is to be there for the mother of his child. Support her, care for her, and help her out. Things like cooking for her, cleaning the house, giving her back or foot rubs, letting her vent emotions without judging, or soothing her fears can mean the world to moms. Even things like helping her put on her shoes or painting her toenails can be a joy when she is pregnant! It’s beneficial to baby as well, because the less stress on mom, the better it is for baby!

Each of these ways for keeping dad involved in your pregnancy can be essential to bonding with baby before he or she is born. Some people don’t realize the importance of pre-natal bonding, but knowing that there is a small life growing inside you that you are able to feel moving around each day is just part of the miracle of bonding. It’s easy for mothers to bond to their babies before birth, but dads may need to put out the effort. What ways do you suggest for keeping dad involved in your pregnancy?

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