9 Tips for Keeping Dad Involved in Your Pregnancy ...


Keeping dad involved in your pregnancy is an important part of pre-natal bonding! Some men truly love to be included in the whole process, but aren’t sure how. Others may prefer just to be there after the baby is born. If your man doesn’t wish to be involved in the pregnancy part, that’s his decision, but maybe this article can help persuade him as to why keeping dad involved in your pregnancy is such a wonderful and intensely emotional experience!

1. Talk to Baby

Talking to his unborn child is a great way for keeping dad involved in your pregnancy. At first, it may be a little strange or awkward, but as your belly begins to grow and baby develops, you will soon be able to realize how baby responds when he hears the voices of those most involved in your pregnancy. Encourage dad to talk to baby early on in the pregnancy for amazing pre-natal bonding!

Touch Baby
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