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7 Things You Need to Know about Raising Girls ...

By Alicia

Raising girls is a very unique experience. You probably had some preconceived notions about what it would be like, only to find out that it is quite different. These are some things you need to know about raising girls. While it certainly isn’t completely accurate for every girl, it is true for most.

1 They Will Have Their Own Sense of Style

This is something you will learn early on when you are raising girls. Girls have their very own sense of style. Don’t be surprised if your three year old insists on pairing cowgirl boots with a tutu or your teenager refuses to wear anything floral. I have discovered that my daughter has her own sense of style and as long as it isn’t completely outlandish, I let her express that. Her style suits her, just like your daughter’s will suit her.

2 You Will Battle over Her Hair

Hair can be a battleground when you are raising girls. You want her to wear it up; she wants to wear it down. You spend 30 minutes curling it for her to put it in a ponytail. There can be battles over hair color and cuts. This is another area where girls like to express their individuality.


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3 Friendships Can Be Tricky Ground for Girls

If you have a daughter, prepare your heart for heartaches. You will most likely have to watch your daughter navigate some tricky friendship waters. Friendships can be complicated for girls, especially in the middle school years. The best thing you can do is be there for her to talk to and be a shoulder to cry on. You can also keep an eye open to make sure things don’t get too out of hand.

4 You Can Share Things

This is one of the fun parts of having a daughter. You can share things. You can share hair tools and accessories. As your daughter grows, you can share clothing items, too. Of course, they may be somewhat limited because of the difference in each of your senses of style.

5 They Have a Lot of Opinions

Girls have a lot of opinions. Whereas boys are generally more likely to go with the flow, a girl will have an opinion on almost anything you ask her. This is a normal and natural thing for a girl. Your job as mom is to teach her to share her opinions with tact and care about the feelings of others. When she can do both of those along with having opinions, you have reached success.

6 They Have a Lot to Say

Girls almost always have a lot to say. Even if your daughter is quiet in public settings, chances are that she has a lot to say and share at home. It can be difficult to stay tuned in if you have a complete chatterbox, but it is important. Listening to her and being there for her in all of the little things will give you a much better chance that she will come to you for the big things. Enjoy the view into her world.

7 There is a Built in Bond between Mothers and Daughters

There is a built in bond between mothers and daughters. It is something that you really can’t explain but you can certainly feel. And if you are careful with your relationship, you will probably become friends as well as mother and daughter. A daughter is someone you can have fun with and share with. Girls and boys are both treasures in their own unique way.

There are sometimes a lot of surprises that come along when you are raising girls. What surprised you about this in your parenting journey? I would love to hear from you!

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